Western Washington University Chemistry Building Remodel

Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA
Date of Work: 
General Contractor: 
Dawson Construction, Inc
Pete Dawson, 360.756.1000
Charles Wandler, WWU, 360.650.2831

Blythe was selected to be the mechanical contractor for the Chemistry Building Remodel at Western Washington University.  

The project included the remodel of an existing lab and construction of additional laboratory space.  Fume exhaust was accomplished utilizing variable flow controls to reduce air flow and save energy during non use, while maintaining the required safe interior environment for staff.  Variable air volume air distribution systems were extended from the existing central air system. 

Other mechanical systems included in the retrofit were deionized water piping, laboratory gas piping, natural gas piping, chemical resistant laboratory waste piping, and domestic waste and water systems.  Work included connections to operational mechanical systems supplied by the campus central energy plant.  Shutdowns were coordinated and performed with minimal downtime and Blythe completed all phases of the work within difficult scheduling constraints.

WWU Chemistry Building Remodel--Blythe Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Bellingham