Plan/Spec Construction

Mark Peterson, Senior Project Manager

JE Dunn Construction Company

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Features of Plan/Spec Construction

Plan/spec construction has been the traditional method used for most projects, public and private. Typically the low bidder is awarded a project at a fixed price.  The potential for disagreements exists because design issues must be clarified and may result in change orders, and the construction schedule can be negatively impacted by these issues.

Today most privately owned projects and some public projects are being performed on a negotiated design-build basis, but most public projects continue to be built on a plan/spec basis.

Blythe continues to be active in the plan/spec market, and adds value to these projects due to our capabilities.

Advantages of a Blythe Plan/Spec Project

For plan/spec projects, Blythe carefully reviews the project drawings and prepares CAD drawings for mechanical work well before construction begins. In addition, we carefully review lead time issues and other potential scheduling problems. These proactive measures enable us to identify most potential conflicts before construction begins, thereby minimizing any cost or schedule impacts. Blythe can also provide design solutions as appropriate for specific projects.

In addition, Blythe’s experience in design-build projects enables us to provide outstanding cost effective value engineering proposals when desired.

Value engineering proposals may assist in reducing project costs to meet owner budget constraints; provide improved systems at reduced cost; or may help resolve construction issues cost effectively.

Blythe is a preferred mechanical subcontractor for plan/spec projects by many leading general contractors in the Pacific Northwest. This is a result of our reputation for completing projects on time and helping make entire projects successful for owners, general contractors, and the design team.