24/7 Mechanical Service and Maintenance

Blythe Plumbing and Heating Inc. Provides Peace of Mind

Blythe believes that maintaining and servicing HVAC, commercial refrigeration, and other mechanical systems reduces energy costs and the potential for expensive repairs.  Preventive maintenance contracts are tailored to the needs of each facility and owner.  Blythe typically perform a thorough 14-point check on HVAC equipment, in addition to changing filters. 

The frequency of service averages two times per year but varies with client needs.  Many commercial and industrial clients utilize our preventive maintenance program for all of their service work, while other clients perform minor service themselves and use Blythe only for the more technical equipment and difficult repairs.

Mechanical Service is Paramount to Who Blythe Is

Blythe has provided mechanical service and maintenance since its founding in 1904.  This service has evolved from basic plumbing and piping service to problem solving and trouble shooting of sophisticated state of the art HVAC, commercial refrigeration, hydronic systems, and plumbing/piping systems of all types.

With more than12 fully stocked repair vans, an in-house fabrication shop, and an inventory of over 4,000 items, Blythe’s expert service technicians can make most repairs promptly.  This saves the customer downtime as well as the added costs of special orders and additional trips to the repair location.

24/7 Service

Blythe is pleased to offer its direct service line, 733-7811, for 24/7 plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, boiler, backflow, and other mechanical service. Service work can also be requested online, or by calling the main office phone at 733-7810.

We have an employer who is honest and fair... it's a great place to work.
- Sue Freeman, Project Coordinator